Look Mum No Hands!

About us

Look mum no hands! Coffee, cycling and beer.

Visit our cafes at Old Street and Mare Street for food, drink, cycling on the big screen, events and exhibitions.

We host pop-ups for festivals, cycle races and one-off events.

The workshop at OId Street can fix your bicycle or teach you how to do it yourself.

Our online shop ships worldwide.

We are obsessed with bikes and passionate about quality. Our coffee, food and beer come from the best suppliers we can find and are prepared with care. The love of cycling informs everything we do. Beautiful bicycles hang in the windows, our exhibitions change regularly and we host all sorts of events.

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Hackney St. Cloud Christmas Party

Join us for a festive fiesta with functional cycling fashion brand Hackney St. Cloud.

19:00 › 22:00
49 Old Street
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Chris reviews: The Program

We were approached by Studio Canal to review the new Lance Armstrong flick "The Program", so we sent Chris Cook, our top notch barista and screenwriter on a mission...