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Our suppliers

Canton Tea Co

Canton Tea are a UK company that source high grade teas direct from small farms. From rare oolong and green tea to the best herbal infusions, their extensive range has a strong focus on provenance and ethical production. They are members of the Sustainable Restaurant Association and the Ethical Tea Partnership.


Square Mile

Square Mile Coffee Roasters is a multi award winning coffee roasting company based in East London. It was founded by two people with a collective 19 years of experience in the coffee industry, spanning from barista work, machinery support and coffee training to import, cupping and roasting and has grown to be a team of 12 talented coffee professionals, with a wealth of experience and passion. They are currently focused on wholesaling their coffee and supply and support businesses that wish to serve the best coffee they can. They want to make London famous for good coffee. They source, buy, import, roast and deliver the best coffee we can get a hold of, and never stop asking themselves how they can make it even better.


Five Points Brewery

The Five Points Brewing Company is a new brewery based in the heart of Hackney, East London. They brew beer that is unfiltered, unpasteurized and full of flavour – the sort of beer we enjoy drinking and we hope you enjoy drinking, too. They are committed to the quality of brewing as they are to social and business responsibilities.

Hook Island Red Brew, A flavoursome red rye ale brewed with Chinook, Columbus and Simcoe hops. 330ml 6% Abv - London, UK

Brew by numbers

BBN0 create new, flavoursome beers that cause people to think about what they are drinking and even challenge people’s perception of what beer is and can be. Whether developing new styles, adapting established styles, or bringing the less fashionable or well-known styles back into the limelight to enjoy some popularity, they create each beer with the same level of care, attention and respect. All of these carefully crafted beers are brewed with the finest natural ingredients and packaged alive to ensure a natural carbonation and allow flavours to evolve over time.

Brew by numbers, A Belgian farmhouse style beer. Brewed with herbs.


The Rothaus brewery is based the village of Grafenhausen in the southern Black Forest. It’s one of Germany's most successful and profitable regional breweries 100% owned by the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Rothaus Pilsner, Strong, clean and tangy. This Pilsner, with a distinctive hop aroma is lightly filtered to produce a golden amber hue. Pil‘eds love this. 330ml 5.1% Abv - Germany 

Rothaus Weizen, Wheat Beer A wonderful, sparkling, light and fruity wheat beer from the Black Forrest.The lady on the bottle is called Birgit. 330ml 5.1% Abv - Germany




Beavertown Brewery was set up in December 2011 by Logan Plant in the kitchen of Duke's Brew and Que, in De Beauvoir, Hackney. In March of 2013 they moved out of their home at Duke's Brew & Que and into a new brew site at Unit 4 Stour Road on Fish Island and then jumped into a new 11,000sqft space in Tottenham Hale in May 2014. Upgrading to a 30BBL (50HL) brew house and 'heartbeat' 4BBL kit to constantly push their Alpha's, experiments and minds!

Gamma Ray Pale Ale, Fresh & juicy. Magnum, Columbus, Bravo & Amarillo ramped up toward the end of the boil. You will see the martians coming and you will be ready for them. 330ml can 5.3% Abv - London, UK

Black Betty IPA, 56 IBU’s in yo face with German malt smeared on your body. This beer will confuse the brain. It’s black like coal but also light and hoppy. Betty is a dirty bitch. 330ml 7.4% Abv - London, UK

8 Ball Rye IPA, A mash up of sweet Carapils, spicy Rye and zesty East Coast hops. A lovely strong beer that will warm you from the inside. 330ml 6.2% Abv - London,UK

Smog Rocket, Inspired by the smoke stacks and steam engines of Mordor. A nod to the smokey porters  and stouts of the Industrial Revolution.  For workers not new media types. 330ml 5.4% Abv - London,UK



A delicious microbrewery based in London. “We intend to start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and eventually we hope to be doing the impossible.” - Partizan.

Partizan Pale Ale, This London brewed, bottled conditioned pale ale always gives a wonderful hoppy, citrus fruit smack in the mouth. 330ml 5.1% Abv - London, UK

Partizan IPA, London brewed, full on fruity, hoppy mouth attack of gorgeousness that will swirl up your nose, around your mouth and straight to your heart. 330ml 6.9% Abv - London, UK

Partizan Porter, Roasted malt, toast, chocolate and caramel. Dark, smooth and easy to drink. Nice. 330ml 5.6% Abv - London, UK

Partizan Stout, London brewed and bottle conditioned, this is serious strong black madness in your mouth. Do not operate heavy machinery. 330ml 8.6% Abv - London, UK


Bristol Beer Factory

The taste of Independent. The Bristol Beer Factory create artisan, hand crafted, call it what you like. Their passion is great beer with amazing flavours...
Contact - Bristol, UK 

Southville Hop IPA, Bristol brewed and bottled conditioned. This award winning American influenced, full-on hoppy IPA has a ton of fruit and malty backbone. A total winner for hop heads. 500ml 6.5% Abv - Bristol, UK

Seven Ale, An amber ale brewed with English malts and hops. Toffee malt flavours balanced with a smooth hop bitterness and aroma. 500ml 5.2% Abv - Bristol, UK

Gold Ale, A Bristol brewed golden ale. Biscuity malt and citrus hops. Think of Renard the Fox and his soft fur. 500ml 5% Abv - Bristol, UK


This London Brewery sprung from the need to have more good beer. Beer deserving of a certain attention. Beer that forces you to confront and consider what you are drinking. Upfront hops, lingering bitternesses, warming alcohols, bodies of malt. Lengths and depths of flavour. Kernel make Pale Ales, India Pale Ales and old school London Porters and Stouts towards these ends. Bottled alive, to give them time to grow.

Kernel Pale Ale, London brewed stunning beer. Tons of fruity hops, beautifully balanced with a real depth of flavour. Bottled conditioned. 500ml 5.3% Abv - London, UK

Kernel IPA, This American influenced, London brewed, bottled conditioned IPA with a ton of fruit and malty backbone. It’s full-on hoppy! You will wobble. 330ml 6.9% Abv - London,UK    

Kernel Export India Porter, This bottle conditioned rich, black, malty porter is London brewed. Think roasted malts, espresso and chocolate. 500ml 5.7% Abv - London, UK


Organic Red Wine, 2013 Sangiovese del Rubicone by Podere Vecciano

This lively wine is fermented in stainless steel and aged in oak for at least four months. It’s the ageing that helps to smooth the natural acidity of the Sangiovese variety. The colour is a bright ruby, the body is medium and the nose is black cherries and plums.


Organic White wine, 2001 Vermentino di Sardegna by Vini Evaristiano

“…our wines delight the palate and comfort the soul.” It does not get much better than this: an expertly-made, organically cultivated wine that is produced by nuns living and working on the western coast of Sardinia. They use their profits to help sustain charitable works. This Vermentino is straw-yellow in colour with green tinges and has a flowery camomile scent.

Orchard Pig uses as many apples as possible scrumped from the Somerset orchards. Although life in West Bradley Orchards is pressing for apples, real cider is a craft and takes time to mature. Somerset cider - with roots!

The Reveller, a sparkling, light and fruity west country cider. Apples! 500ml 4.5% Abv - Somerset, UK


We’ve combined forces with Dark Arts Coffee and birthed a devilish limited edition brew to slurp during the summer of cycling.

Aquiares Estate

Roll down and try our latest guest espresso, Aquiares Estate from Banes based Round Hill Roastery

Alchemy Brazil

Roll down for Brazillian sticky fruity fun from Alchemy in the guest grinder at 49 Old St

Source Family

Discover Dark Arts Coffee's Source Family guest grind this week. 

Panama FST Natural

Our latest guest espresso is from Bristol based Triple Co Roast. Owner and roaster Jo spills the beans....

UK Coffee Week

During UK Coffee Week we're donating 5p of all coffees sold from 10 - 16th April to Project Waterfall