Look mum no hands!

Alchemy Brazil

Roll down for Brazillian sticky fruity fun from Alchemy in the guest grinder at 49 Old St

Barista Chris says: This natural processed single origin is a juicy number with plenty of sticky dates, toasted hazelnuts & chocolate smoothness.

Single origin espresso
Yellow Bourbon variety
Natural process

Alchemy are seriously passionate about the quality of the coffee they buy, roast and sell. They hand roast in Southwest London on an 85-year old reconditioned coffee roaster which gives the best of both worlds – the stability of the older machines –but fully controllable and measureable with modern temperature probes and control and monitoring systems. Each roast is crafted to bring out the inherent flavours of that particular coffee and region. NICE ONE.

Look mum no hands! 
49 Old Street, EC1V 9HX

Opening times:
MON - FRI 07:30 › 22:00
SAT 08:30 › 22:00
SUN 09:00 › 22:00

Bokasso, Ethiopia

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UK Coffee Week

Throughout UK Coffee Week we're donating 5p of all coffees sold from 29th April - 5th May to Project Waterfall

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