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Bespoked 2017

Here are our highlights from Bristol's (and the UK's) leading framebuilders festival.

Bespoked is celebration of handmade bicycles and those who make them. Now in it's 6th year, the event is all about showcasing the best hand build frames, bicycles, parts and accessories. 

"This is the place for the public, industry and press to meet independent makers and designers of everything bicycle."

Phil invites us to serve the best: Wiper & True beer on tap, Square Mile Coffee Roasters and freshly prepared food. While we were keeping you watered and fed. We ran around to check the show for you. 

Here are our highlights

Slurping Kaledascope with the "Best Media Team" Peloton Brief

Sparkly Evanson Bikeworks.

New framebuilder Nichols Frameworks. Verity was Hartley Cycles understudy, launching the show with her first bike, a graveleur built for Matthew.

Award winning Hartley Cycles cracking on with three new bikes AND Isen Workshop, a collaboration with Talbot Frameworks.

Liz Colebrook / Beaumont Bicycles, showcasing her latest bike designed for a 5'10 long legged woman. Each of her builds are custom to suit a specific purpose. Whatever the ride.⠀

Mercredi AKA cyclocross and sausage dog loving Adeline. After smashing a Bicycle Academy course, she's all about custom low end batch produced bikes.

Our innovation award goes to Restrap for their magnectic bottle holder. Magnets are magic.

WTF AWARD = Dear Susan...it's the live Shi-minnows in the water. 

Winter Bicycles hand etched Dura-Ace. Ace.  

Finally, the best dog in show (Ok it was the only). Well done.  

Until next time Bristol. 

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Women of colour cycling meetup

A casual gathering for women of colour who enjoy cycling on Monday 19th November from 7pm - 9pm. Free, RSVP here.

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An evening with Ayesha McGowan and Jools Walker

Ayesha McGowan discussed the world of racing, representation in cycling and more with Jools Walker to a crowd at 49 Old St. on Monday 23rd July. WATCH or LISTEN back to the panel via facebook or Wheel Suckers Podcast. 

OVO Energy Women’s Tour - Rider Results

On Wednesday 13th June, one of the riders’ and fans’ favourite UCI World Tour race kicks off  - the Ovo Energy Women’s Tour. Don't miss the chance to WIN #Lmnh PRIZES everyday of the race by playing #RiderResults on twitter with Voxwomen and us.  

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