Look mum no hands!


We like to have a bit of fun while we watch Le Tour. This year we’re asking you to help us enjoy one of our favourite races and raise money for charity at the same time.

Qhubeka are the cause Team Dimension Data ride for. Qhubeka moves people forward with bicycles. They also provide bicycles to first responders for disaster relief. Our goal is to raise enough to buy two bikes (at least!) worth £167 each.

How will we raise money?

Look mum no hands! is taking a gamble, we’re making cash wagers, and if we win we’ll put the winnings straight back into the pot. We’re firing up the TDF Accumulator and feeling bold. Let’s try to end up with more than when we started!

How does it work?

We’ll pit two riders against each other. It’s not about where they finish. It’s about the odds of a rider-focussed, stage-based battle. Around 9/10pm in the evening we’ll suggest two riders (with thanks to @cyclingbetting) that we want to place a wager on.

What do I do?

Help us pick the rider. Whoever you decide is the one we place our bet on. Join us on twitter to see how we’re doing and get stuck in: @1ookmumnohands. FYI. You’ll need to pick the rider by 10am.

What happens next?

If we win (fingers crossed) the prize goes back into the pot. Keep watching #betsforbikes for updates. 

Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone in this year’s Tour!

We are all about having fun. It doesn't need to be said.. but if you do, please gamble responsibly and in a safe, secure, and well regulated environment.
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TDF2018 Rider Results

WIN PRIZES every day on twitter for the last week of Le Tour by guessing the exact finishing position of our favourite riders selected by the Peloton Brief. Look, these guys might not be favourites to win, but they are favourites in our heart, and they deserve some attention for being rad as!

Cyclist Magazine TDF Takeover

ALLEZ! Cyclist magazine have taken over the cafe for the duration of the Le Tour

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  • 10th Jul 2018