Look mum no hands!

Bob Motown and Look mum no hands

Lap up the purr-fect cycling and cat themed collection from the mind of Bob Motown and Look mum no hands! now available from shop.lookmumnohands.com and 49 Old St. 

Hailing from Hollywood, Bob Motown specialises in cat themed illustrations and traditional fine art stuff. Split between London (UK) and Los Angeles (USA) he works on a myriad of projects from painting pizza on the side of buildings, to doodling on the bar tops of your local pub, he’s clocked up work from clients such as Converse, Samsung and Urban Outfitters (to name a few).

We're really excited to launch this new cat themed collection, because, who doesn't like cycling, coffee, AND CATS?

Pizza Cat Cycling Cap - £15.00
This isn’t just any cat cycling cap, the entire cycling cap is a cat.

Cat Squad Cycling Cap  - £15.00
It’s everything we love on one cap: cats, beer, coffee, cake, spanners, bicycle locks & pizza.

Cat Enamel Pin - £5.00
3cm x 2.5cm

#Lmnh Logo Enamel Pin - £4.00
3cm diameter

Bob’s Bundle - £30.00
Buy all four products in a mighty bundle for a limited time only.

Now available to buy from shop.lookmumnohands.com and 49 Old St

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