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Bokasso, Ethiopia

Discover the vibrant Bokasso, Ethiopia from Kiss the Hippo in the guest hopper at 49 Old St

With two cafes based in Richmond and Fitzrovia, Kiss the Hippo Coffee was established in 2018, diven by a passion for good coffee and sustainability. Their beans are sourced direct from farmers. The cafés supports a number of charities, including Rainforest Trust UK, the National Literacy Trust, and Just a Drop clean water foundation. All packaging is biodegradable and its in-house roastery produces blends and single-origin options certified organic by the Soil Association and uses 80 per cent less fuel than traditional methods. 

"We recommend you try this punchy, fruity, acidic coffee black"

Process: Washed 
Location: Wonsho, Sidama
Altitude: 2000 masl
Coffee Variety: Hierloom
Organic and Fairtrade certified. 

"Bokasso is one of the fifty co-operatives that make up the Sidama Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union. Its location at 2000 masl makes Bokasso one of the highest altitude mills in the union, and it is known for producing incredibly slow grown coffees that are very bright with vibrant acidity. Being so high up means the coffees that make up this lot have been able to ripen more slowly, which allows the coffee time to pass nutrients to the seed. When roasted, this helps create a uniquely clean crisp cup. Ethiopia is the home of coffee, so the cultivars in use there have been passed down for hundreds of years and were originally selected from among thousands of wild varieties. These local cultivars have yet to be fully individually identified, so they are known simply as Ethiopian Landraces. The quality of these cultivars is so high that the most prized farms in Central and South America bring them back from trips to plant on their own farms."

Served as standard for all black coffees. We also have retail bags available to buy from 49 Old St. If you want to try Bokasso, Ethiopia , roll down to the cafe ASAP!

Look mum no hands!
49 Old Street, EC1V 9HX

Opening times:
MON - FRI 07:30 › 22:00
SAT 08:30 › 18:00
SUN 09:00 › 18:00

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