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14 cycling stocking thrillers you need on your list

Read our cyclist-friendly list of killer Christmas gifts on Casquette

TDF Activity Sheets

Throughout Le Tour doodle away on our TDF Activity Sheets thanks to PipJRune

Lustrous Lmnh

Our screenprinter pal Dan Mather has pulled us a wonderous limited edition fluorescent print...

Big Daddy Wayne: Sean Kelly, cockails and tattoos

Our designer buddy Wayne created our new Sean Kelly inspired Bonification mug. He also made us a set of SK and LMNH temportary tattoos to boot. "Weeeeellllllllll", let's find out more...

Rider’s Revival

We’ve collaborated with Bristol based Moor Brewery to create Rider’s Revival.

The Classics Kit

Last year Jimmy (pictured) designed our Lion of Flanders cap, we were so pleased with it that we asked him to develop a full kit. The brief was to be bold and lairy, he's delivered!

Support the Power of Bicycles.

We've created a collaborative charity stem cap with World Bicycle Relief.

What makes up the maintenance course?

Emily Medd went along to our basic maintenance course with her trusty bike Daphne to see what she could learn.

Flipping Fantastic Funking February Sale

Allez allez allez! Our cheap as chips February sale ends on Sunday 15th February.