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Deep disco vibes

We had a quick chat with Norm de Plume about the next Plumage Records' Disco Lounge at Mare Street on Saturday 9th May.

LMNH: It's great to have you back for the second Plumage Records night. What have you been up to since the launch?
Norm de Plume: I've been working on some music for PLUMAGE04, hopefully this will be another collab release, this time with Paxton. I also just got back from New York where I was digging for vinyl. I left with an empty record bag and came back with a full one so very happy about that, especially as I get to road test my new bits properly on the 9th :-)

LMNH: Can you give us a taster?

Plumage Records Presents: Norm De Plume's Disco Lounge Warm Up - May 2015 by Normdeplume on Mixcloud

LMNH: Tell us about the headliner Paxton Fettel.
N: Paxton (or Theo as he's known to his mates) is a young Danish producer and DJ from Copenhagen. His sound is really interesting, deep and electronic but very organic. This year is his 10 year-DAW anniversary (digital audio workstation) and he's been steadily moving away from that way of working. He's striving to get the last few things outside the box this year, and finally let the computer play a less important role. Analog has taken control of him, and he can't escape it anymore! The tactile feel speaks to him in a much more creative way he tells me. Like me he has a day job and works in a keyboard/studio equipment retailer but spends as much of his spare time as possible working on music at night. He has released 3 great EPs on the Greta Cottage Workshop label, (which he co-runs) check out their radio show, it's brilliant. He's also had a great release recently on Apersonal and at the end of this month will release his debut album: "Everything Stays The Same" on Greta.

He's a keen cyclist too so it's actually quite fitting to have the venue at a bike shop! He's playing with Detroit Swindle in Copenhagen the weekend after our gig so we should set the bar high and show him what Hackney is made of!



LMNH: What can we expect on the night?
N: Paxton plays vinyl like me, and if his mixes on SC and for the Greta Radio show are anything to go by, we could hear just about anything....I expect he'll pull out some interesting elecronica and fuse it with deep house , some disco and soul , maybe some jazz and anything else he likes. Then again he could play a straight up deep house set. Either way I would be happy. I like to encourage people to just be themselves when they play at my night. Just come on and do the thing that you want to do and play the sound that is you, don't try and fit in with what we're doing.

We booked you because we want to hear YOU!.....I'm sure he'll treat us to a really cool and unique selection.

LMNH: We'll have spirits this time round. What's your cocktail of choice?
N: Tough one that but I think I'd have to go with either a bloody mary or something Campari-based. I'll have a White Russian every now and then too :-)

LMNH: How can we get tickets?
N: Get your ass over to to the RA page and click buy!
There are still a few £5 early birds left (at time of writing) , complete bargain they are too!

Paxton Fettel (Copenhagen, DK)
Norm De Plume
Franklin (Unwanted)

The Lounge will open at 9:30pm.
£5 / £7 / £8

Tickets available here:

Look Mum No Hands
125–127 Mare Street, E8 3RH

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