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Definitive Disco

Norm De Plume's final Disco Lounge installment will be at LMNH Mare Street on Saturday 1st August. Find out more and listen to a choice mini mix....

Norm De Plume is a Deep/Disco House DJ and producer. He's been spinning Deep/Disco House in London for a long time and his biggest influences are Ron Hardy, Studio 45 and Sound Stream. In 2010 he launched his vinyl-only edits imprint Plumage Records launching the label with regular nights at Look mum no hands! Mare Street.

This is your last show at LMNH Mare Street. What's next for Plumage Records?
Well we have PLUMAGE04 coming out in September. That's a joint EP for Paxton & myself -  the promo's been getting a really good reaction so we're looking forward to the release.
I'm going to have a break from promoting the Plumage night in the UK for a bit, I'm going to be in Australia at the end of the year, so I might do a Plumage NYE bash there.

What do you like about hosting a disco night in a bike cafe?
It's just so unusual! Plus it's my local and it serves the BEST beer :-)

Paxton is back! What's he been up to since he played last?
Well, he and I played at his residency at Culturebox in Copenhagen last Saturday alongside Ryan Dank.
We played in the Culture Box basement the Red Box, which has a great red light basement vibe & a nice system.
He's been perfecting his live set, which can be heard for the very 1st time on the 1st August and of course he's working on his music in his studio whenever he gets the chance.
He's got a festival in Romania coming up and is now getting booked all over the place, and rightly so!

Do you have any new mixes up your sleeve?
There's a short excerpt from Saturday night on the Plumage Soundcloud. It's the warm up that I played from 11pm -  slow, deep, chunky disco house.
There's a PLUMAGE04 track of mine in there too :-)



Tell us about M/e/r/m/a/i/d/S (pictured above), how would you describe their sound?
Mermaids play and produce deep groovy and disco-y house type stuff. They're similar to me in that they love Disco, Boogie and Deep House and a lot in between!

Thanks Norm de Plume! We're looking forward to one last boogie. Fingers crossed we can go out with a bang for NYE.... Until then, grab a ticket while you can for a fun and unusual party in a bike / cafe.

Paxton Fettel​ ( Greta Cottage Workshop/Copenhagen DK)
Norm De Plume​ ( Delusions of Grandeur / Plumage)
M/e/r/m/a/i/d/S (GoodShip Records)

£5 / £7 / £8

Tickets available herehttp://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?720552
Facebook event

Saturday 1st August, 9pm - 3am

Look Mum No Hands (EAST)
125–127 Mare Street, E8 3RH


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