Look mum no hands!

DIY bike chain paper chain

Get festive and create your own Look mum no hands! bike chain paper chains with our free printable PDF download.

Ah yes, December, the month of frantically buying presents, stocking up on food, and rolling out for any excuse to get jolly. We've combined the two best types of chains and created a simple and effective holiday decoration. It's hours of fun for children and big kids alike. Simply print, cut, loop and hang in your home, office, or bicycle shed.

Download the free PDF here.

Print it out on plain or coloured paper.
Cut out the chains to make strips.
Curl your strip around so the ends overlap to make a loop.
Selotape or staple the loop together.
Feed your next strip through the middle of your first chain link. So it looks like this
Curl the ends of the second strip together until they meet and attach as before.

Show us what you've got!

Share pictures of  your decorated home / office / shed with us via twitter, instagram or facebook and our favourites will win #LMNH prizes.

From everyone at Look mum no hands! we wish you all a happy riding throughout December, Christmas and New Year.

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