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Helen Wyman

We are proud and excited to be one of Helen Wyman's supporters for 2018!

Photo @kekeboyo

Co-owner and Head Mechanic Sam tells us a little more:

"I think Lmnh! first met Helen in 2013 when we hosted the Matrix Fitness team launch but I have been following her remarkable career for the last 10 years or so. Helen was a particular hero of my wife Charlotte, she and I spent many Sunday afternoons watching dodgy online feeds of muddy Belgian races. To us, Helen was an inspiration because she's not only a winner, but also a tireless advocate for women's cycling. Helen has always campaigned for equal recognition and opportunity whilst also encouraging participation.

I found it disappointing that an athlete as talented, successful and professional as Helen was having to work so hard to find sponsorship for 2018. In November I was stood in a field surrounded by cycling fans watching Koppenberg Cross. Helen was having a fantastic battle with Katie Compton. Helen won, and the fans went bonkers. I spent the drive back to the UK reflecting on what a brilliant sport cyclocross is... A few days later I emailed Stef to see how Lmnh! could help."

Photo by Kristof Ramon

We can't wait to be involved and will be cheering hard for the rest of the 'cross season especially the National Cyclo-Cross Championships on Sunday 14th January and the 2018 Cyclo-Cross World Championships on Saturday 3rd February. We'll be running a few events with Helen in 2018, and keep an eye out for some Helen Wyman supporters' products which will help fund Helen's 2018/19 campaign.

We might not be Helen's biggest sponsor but we'll aim to be the loudest!

Check out:
Helen's website www.helenwyman.com
Twitter @CXHelen
Instagram @cxhelen
Facebook HelenWymanCX

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Older women are an invisible generation in cycling, yet many of us are out there leading active and diverse cycling lives - with no intention of slowing down or taking it easy.