Look Mum No Hands!

Big Daddy Wayne: Sean Kelly, cockails and tattoos

Our designer buddy Wayne created our new Sean Kelly inspired Bonification mug. He also made us a set of SK and LMNH temportary tattoos to boot. "Weeeeellllllllll", let's find out more...

LMNH: What's your name and where do you come from?
Wayne: My names Wayne and I’m originally a valleys boy but now consider myself a Londoner having been here for the best part of 25 years. I still share Geraint Thomas’ love of a good welsh cake tho.

Tell us a bit about what you do…
I’m a freelance graphic designer but also love a bit of screen printing and illustrating. I also run [along with my mucker Ricky] a cycling club in South West London.

To our knowledge SK doesn't have any tats, so what's this all about?
That’s a bit of an unknown really and I ain’t got the bottle to ask him!

Is SK the hardest cyclist ever? Who else is up there?
Ooof, that’s a difficult one. There’s individual moments of hardness with loads of cyclists, Hoogerland getting back on his bike was incredible. But as a mindset even though Hinault tempered his hardness with a cunning streak and Eddy just destroyed everything I think King Kelly would win in a staring contest.

What's the closest to a Flandrian hardman you've ever been on a bike?
I’ve ridden the Paris Roubaix ride a few times but at less than half the speed of the pros by my reckoning. And there was that time I mistook the embrocation for the chamois cream…

Why is Sean's commentary so much better than Phil and Paul?
Delayed gratification. 10 seconds of a lilting ‘Weeeeellllllllll’ then a prediction that is always nearly bang on the money.

Favourite Kellyism?
It’s got to be ‘bonification'.

Where will you wear your SK tattoo?
You’ll have to check the instagram #bonification for the answer to that one.

What do you think SK would have in his mug? We reckon he's not a Moka-chocka-soy latte kind of guy…
The tears of his rivals.

Share your killer Christmas cocktail with us….
I don’t reckon Sean Kelly’s much of a cocktail man. So I’d go with a Jameson’s on ice, you do have to cycle to your nearest frozen waterfall to get the ice tho.

Before we go... Why the owl?
That’s a little nod to the LMNH owl on the workshop counter who I understand has been christened Gino Bartowli.

The first 50 Bonification mugs comes wih a free set of Sean Kelly + Look mum no hands! tattoos.


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