Look mum no hands!

Let’s talk about cycling and mental health

Last night we hosted an evening discussing cycling and mental health. 

This concept's been mentioned in previous panels and talks we've held at Look mum no hands! We called out asking for help organising an event focussing on the two. We connected with Sarah Strong over twitter; a cyclist, mental health charity worker, researcher/writer and ex-archivist. Taking the brief on board, she brought together a collection of cyclists who shared their experiences to a large crowd at 49 Old St. on Tuesday 7th November.

Not only was the aim to raise awareness and start a discussion, but to address practical next steps and resources for anyone suffering with mental health issues. 

You can watch Facebook live video of the night here: https://www.facebook.com/1ookmumnohands/videos/2187124084647164/

Listen to a live recording on Wheel Suckers Podcast here: https://soundcloud.com/wheelsuckerspodcast/lets-talk-about-cycling-and-mental-health

Big big thank you to Sarah for organising a really moving, powerful and important panel. If you would like a digital copy of our resource hand out get in touch. Find out more about the chair and speakers below. 

Rebecca Charlton - TV presenter, journalist and author.

Adele Mitchell - Award winning writer, mountain biking and women's cycling blogger
Bruce Karsten – Brand ambassador for Stolen Goat
Jools Walker aka Vélo-City-Girl - London cyclist, blogger and presenter
Roann GhoshBlackdog CC

We'd also like to thank Caz from NLTCBMBC, Jules and Lesley for helping us run the event.