Look mum no hands!

The LMNH Bugle

We've made a newspaper for the summer.

Parp parp! Our first ever LMNH Bugle features stories from the London Bike Kitchen, Brixton Cycles, Cycle Speed Dating, Cycle Betting and a colouring page from Anorak Magazine.

The middle spread has a replica fold out of an exclusive Dan Mather print available very soon. Plus it has information on our maintenance courses, locations, products and more...

Grab your FREE copy from 49 Old Street, Brixton Cycles and Southbank Centre Pop-up.

Read it? Got some thoughts? Want to contribute? We'd love to hear from you.
Find us on twitter and instagram @1ookmumnohands or email us: bugle@lookmumnohands.com

Designed by our friend Ben Brannan and sub edited by Chris Campbell.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped us create the bugle. We couldn't have done it without you. Also kudos to @thelittlejen for coming up with the name ;)

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TDF2018 Rider Results

WIN PRIZES every day on twitter for the last week of Le Tour by guessing the exact finishing position of our favourite riders selected by the Peloton Brief. Look, these guys might not be favourites to win, but they are favourites in our heart, and they deserve some attention for being rad as!

Cyclist Magazine TDF Takeover

ALLEZ! Cyclist magazine have taken over the cafe for the duration of the Le Tour

  • News
  • 10th Jul 2018

Lmnh & The Coefficient of Drag

We're teaming up with The Coefficient of Drag (T.C.O.D.) for Le Tour to share daily screengrabs and a fun #TDF competition. 

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#Lmnh Keepcups

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