Look mum no hands!

Lustrous Lmnh

Our screenprinter pal Dan Mather has pulled us a wonderous limited edition fluorescent print...

Dan Mather is a London-based independent screenprinter, graphic designer, cyclist and poster aficionado. Dan learnt his craft at the London College of Communication, and over the past five years has specialised in water-based hand-bench editioning for the graphic design industry, working for clients such as Apple, Design Museum, Rapha and the University of the Arts London.

It all started in 2012 when Dan approached us about stocking his Spoke Patterns wrapping paper in our Old St. cafe. This has since developed into quite a collection of products including posters, t-shirts, cards, musettes and now, his latest eye-popping creation.... The Lustrous Lmnh Print

We cooked up the idea to informally celebrate our birthday. No one knows the exact date we opened, we do know it was around April 2010. Let's celebrate being old with a beautiful screen print. Now dry and available for sale in it's full forescent glory, the artwork is an eye-popping limited edition of forty A2 posters screenprinted onto mirror paper. 

Hanging out with Dan at Thames-Side Studio, we snapped him pulling the final letter to our print puzzle. The bright pink L that brings it all together. 

"It's a bold print that adopts the unique lettering of the Look mum no hands! logo (designed by OPX) making it instantly recognisable as Look mum no hands! even if only using the initial characters each overprinted in different fluorescent inks...

...using a very special mirror paper, the edition is a trophy of celebration for Look mum no hands! reaching six years old and a continued relationship with Dan Mather Screenprint."
- Dan Mather

 The Lustrous Lmnh Print

Our new collaborative print is now on display at 49 Old St. and available to buy in the cafe or online
£60.00 unframed
Limited edition of 40
Hand-bench screen print with fluorescent paint on mirrored paper

Buy now.

Dan Mather Screen Print danmatherscreenprint.co.uk
Dan Mather Shop shop.danmather.co.uk


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