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Introducing: Mathilde Martha Hilkea

Mathilde is the first up in our Women's Podium Pants model showcase. She used to race boats, now she rides bikes, oh and is a flippin' neurologist....

What's your name and where'd you come from?
Mathilde Martha Hilkea (thanks grandparents/ other folks in that generation) Pauls. Born and bred in Berlin (west ;-p )
Tell us about racing...
I haven't really raced much for LMNH - 1 hill climb (I won!) and two cross races now (I fell over and made friends with the mud in both of them...but then it can only get better, right?).

I have raced my bike, and also combined it with those other two sports I won't mention here though - great stuff. Lot's of age groups, and as far as I can tell way easier to win stuff / medal in, as it was in my previous (sporting) existence as a rower (maybe I just didn't pick my opposition wisely enough there). More importantly: no weight limit (paunch = not flattering and makes going uphill harder, but certainly less miserable than constantly being on a diet!!).

I did race boats for years, and was quite good at that.

We hear you are a brain surgeon...

I am the medical side of brain surgery (Neurology and Stroke) - rather less exciting.

Currently I am doing a research job, and we are giving a tablet called 'Tadalafil' (aka 'Cialis', same type of medication as Viagra...) to people who have had little ('lacunar') strokes, to see if it will improve blood flow in the brain :o

Polkadot, green or yellow?
Oooh. Definitely not green. I think it'll have to do be the polkadots. Although if you are a rower, then yellow is a fast colour.... (and non rowers will go 'what the??' reading that. Empacher. Fast German boats.)

Recovery shake or beer?
My body is a temple, right? (So one of my colleagues tells me anyway). So Goji Berry and Spinach recovery shake. Actually: Beer.

Recovery shakes are b****t.

Have some chocolate (strawberry/banana/vanilla/whateve!) milk instead. Near perfect ratio of carbs:protein, and it's animal protein with the amino acids your body actually needs...

What's your fancy dress outfit of choice?
I did go as a yummy mummy once when I was about 10 (I was a real tom boy)...
Before that it was knight or pirate. Now...not sure. I think the latest I (remember) dressing up as was as a Pope. Turns out the papal outfit was a little see-through too...

Hah did someone peep the pope? Thank you Mathilde!

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