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Frank with Frank

Emily from London Cyclist interviewed our latest mechanic to join the Old Street workshop.

“I started in the bike industry when I was 18, but have been playing with bikes, like building my own since I was about 14..."

"I have been riding since as long as I can remember, I have just always had a bike. I worked for Edinburgh Bike Co-Op for 8 years and then in Cycle Surgery, first running the Holborn store and then helping at the Velopark store. Then I was at Two Wheels Good for a year.“

Of course, as someone who has spent so long in the bicycle industry, he must have a favourite bike, right? Well, he is on the fence, it is either his commuter rig, an old Saracen steel mountain bike, which he admits looks like shite to the untrained eye, but is actually very good. All the better for leaving around London.

He dreams though of a Thorn Nomad with Rohloff hub because steel is real! (his birthday is near Christmas if you feel like making a friend for life….).

As a mechanic, he must have seen many hundreds of bikes. When it comes to what people should do to their bikes regularly he has two pieces of advice:

“From a mechanics point of view the best thing you can do for your bike is keep it clean and lubricated. When you hear a weird clicking noise, just come and do something about it, because it is the difference between a £6 job and a £180 full replacement of everything. You end up having to tell someone to replace their wheel, when its been making the noise for ages and if you had just done something about it 3 months ago….”

Also, everyone should have a track pump.

What else should we know about you Frank?
“I do a cycle blog on Instagram, that’s @Velosteel. I’ve been running that for about 2 years. I had images from the Tour de France featured on the main page and I ended up with 25K followers or something ridiculous like that. I just woke up and had like 10k followers and thought what on earth has happened?!

I was up for the Tour de France in Yorkshire and took a photo hanging out of my Aunt and Uncles attic window of the Tour de France passing down their street and posted it and then woke up and had all these followers because it got posted on their main page.

I’m looking at doing t-shirt designs at the moment; I am trying to develop a logo. I am not in the cycle industry for the money! I am in the cycle industry is because I don’t see how much damage I can do to the world by getting people on bicycles. Although I have worked in sales all my life I have never talked someone into buying something they don’t need, I have often talked them down”

So, if your bike has been clicking in a sinister fashion, bring it by and Frank can help you out before it becomes crazy expensive.

Full name: Frank Colman
Place of birth: Leeds
Time in London: about 2 and a half years

The LMNH GPS Art Comp Gallery

We teamed up with Vedett and Duvel to run the LMNH GPS Art Challenge in November 2020. The challenge was to create a GPS artwork while riding your bike using StravaMapMyRide or GPS tracking system. We had two categories; BEER and Freestyle. Check our the winners and some of our favourite entries!  

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New! Lug the Dog Range!

From the mind of Bob Motown, dog lovers unite! Say hello to our new Lug the Spanneriel range feat a cycling cap, face mask and set of enamel pins! Woof!

Lmnh! December Update

The online shop is now offering Click and Collect on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays until our last posting day on Monday 21st December​. Please note The Workshop is now closed for the holidays and will reopen on Monday 11th January 2021. The cafe will stay closed for December, stay tuned for updated news in January 2021. 

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