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Giro Rider Results

During the Giro d'Italia we're celebrating mid pack heroes. On select stages of the race, predict the place of the Peloton Brief's rock and roll riders on twitter to WIN PRIZES.

How do I take part?
Join us on twitter @1ookmumnohands. Use the hashtag #riderresults to tweet your prediction of where you think our rider will place in the stage. Cut off point is 5K to go. Closet predictions wins! Judges decision is final. 

What can I win?
We've got cycling caps, cycling books, card packs and more.... keep an eye out for the daily prize announcement to see what's up for grabs.  

The Peloton Brief has selected some of their favourite dark horses, daring domestiques and chance challengers in the Giro. These riders are some of the most charismatic, friendly and engaging we know and for sure we think they all rock (and roll.) 

We're kicking off Stage 8 on Saturday 12th May with George Bennett

"Overall GC contender and all around awesome guy... 

straight up wins the funniest pro cyclist twitter account out there. This New Zealand country boy won the tour of California last year, but has opted to take on the giros Mountains instead of defending his American victory."

Predict his place to win a Condor Cycles 70th Anniversary Espresso cup set!  

For Stage 9 on Sunday 13th May we're rooting for Mads Wurtz Schmidt.

"A young Danish hot shot... 

How good are all the Danish riders this year? Mads in particular is u23 and junior time trial World Champ, and is competing in his first ever grand tour this year."

Predict his place to win three Lmnh Cycling Caps of your choice.

Good luck to all the riders in the Giro!

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Rider Results: Sensational Stats Edition

Our twitter based rider focussed competition returns for Giro d'Italia with an updated twist. For (almost) everyday of the race, working with The Peloton Brief and Team Katusha Alpecin, we'll ask you to guess a Sensational Stat for the chance to WIN PRIZES!

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Rider Results

For the 100th edition of the Giro d'Italia we're celebrating mid pack heroes. Everyday of the race, predict the place of our Rock and Roll Riders on twitter to WIN PRIZES.

Giro d’Italia - Stage 13

Cheer on Stage 13 of the Giro LIVE on the big screen at 49 Old St.

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Giro d’Italia - Stage 11

Cheer on Stage 11 of the Giro LIVE on the big screen at 49 Old St.

13:15 › 17:15