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Romance x Felipe Pantone now on display

We have a glorious bike on display at 49 Old St. The independent London brand Romance have collaborated with Felipe Pantone and Specialized to create an exclusive one-off customised bike. All proceeds from the sale of this ONE-OFF will go directly to World Bicycle Relief. BUY NOW.

Photo: @Panos_d

Last week at Sothebys London it was estimated to be worth £37k. Which is huge for a bicycle and huge for World Bicycle Relief.

This bike is a work of art and a push bike, adorned with Felipe's unique and unmistakeable glitchy colourful graphics. The bike is being auctioned online with all proceeds going to World Bicycle Relief, they're a charity we have championed many times over the years for providing bicycles to communities in Africa to break down the barrier of distance and help them access schools, food and work.

Photo: @Jenna7788 

The auction will run until Tuesday 27th November and is open to all

Don't miss the opportunity to own a stunning bike / piece of art and get a good warm feeling to boot. Come and view the work on our "catwalk" and soak in the beauty for yourself. 

Photo: @Jenna7788 

Look mum no hands!
49 Old Street, EC1V 9HX

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Women of colour cycling meetup

A casual gathering for women of colour who enjoy cycling on Monday 21st January from 7pm - 9pm. Free, RSVP here.

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49 Old Street

Basic Maintenance Course

Course master Digger will teach you the fundamentals of bicycle repair on our Basic Maintenance Course.

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Music Box Radio DJs @ 49 Old St

Every Thursday night from 6pm - 10pm, Music Box Radio invite guest DJs to play LIVE in the cafe and broadcast it online at www.musicboxradio.co.uk

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49 Old Street
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