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Smokey Bird

Gracing our guest grinder this month is the Smokey Bird Espresso Blend from the guys at Pelicano Roastery in Brighton.

This brilliant seasonal blend of Colombian, Honduran, and Ethiopian origin offers a blinding caffenation punch right in the taste buds. Expect caramel, citrus, and some cheeky floral highlights in the espresso, or smooth and soothing sweetness with milk.

Smokey bird boasts smoked cocoa nibs from Latin america & jazzy floral notes from Africa

Pelicano Roastery describe themselves as the 'New kids on the block', a foundling roastery found on 28 Sydney street in Brighton. They sent us a bag in the post to try... we liked it so much it's now our guest espresso. Simple as. Got a brew you'd like us to try? Pop it in the post: 49 Old Street, EC1V 9HX.

We'll post a little piece about the featured guest espresso (as and when it changes) in our grinder... come to the cafe and try it yourself, yeah?

Look mum no hands!
49 Old Street, EC1V 9HX

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Gran Fondo coffee

Pact Coffee have produced this Limited Edition Gran Fondo coffee in partnership with Welsh Legend Geraint Thomas and we have bags for sale at 49 Old St. EC1V 9HX and online

We will be (a bit) OPEN

We're back in a small way with coffee and bike repairs. From Monday - Friday we'll be doing takeaway coffee and treats from 08:00-15:00. The Bicycle Workshop will be able to fix your bike from 09:00-17:00 at 49 Old St. EC1V 9HX. 

New Monday - Friday 08:00-15:00

Takeaway coffee and treats

Monday - Friday 08:00-15:00

Fancy a £1 Coffee?

Enjoy a £1 coffee on us at 49 Old St when you download the Embargo loyalty app, available on the app store and google play. Offer ends on Monday 16th March!

Colombia AMACA by Girls Who Grind

To celebrate International Women's Day (and beyond) we're serving up Colombia AMACA by Girls Who Grind in the guest hopper at 49 Old St

Bokasso, Ethiopia

Discover the vibrant Bokasso, Ethiopia from Kiss the Hippo in the guest hopper at 49 Old St