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Smokey Bird

Gracing our guest grinder this month is the Smokey Bird Espresso Blend from the guys at Pelicano Roastery in Brighton.

This brilliant seasonal blend of Colombian, Honduran, and Ethiopian origin offers a blinding caffenation punch right in the taste buds. Expect caramel, citrus, and some cheeky floral highlights in the espresso, or smooth and soothing sweetness with milk.

Smokey bird boasts smoked cocoa nibs from Latin america & jazzy floral notes from Africa

Pelicano Roastery describe themselves as the 'New kids on the block', a foundling roastery found on 28 Sydney street in Brighton. They sent us a bag in the post to try... we liked it so much it's now our guest espresso. Simple as. Got a brew you'd like us to try? Pop it in the post: 49 Old Street, EC1V 9HX.

We'll post a little piece about the featured guest espresso (as and when it changes) in our grinder... come to the cafe and try it yourself, yeah?

Look mum no hands!
49 Old Street, EC1V 9HX

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Christmas Party / The Ride Journal Issue 9 Launch / Michael Blann / Lokandes

You're all invited to help us spread for some festive cheer at Mare Street with The Ride Journal , Michael Blann, Lokanes and Hackney GT. 

18:00 › 23:30

Our gift guide for cyclists

Christmas is nearly here and you’re almost out of time to find that perfect present. But don’t worry, here at Look mum no hands! we have a great selection of gifts for people who love bikes.

We’re at the winter market

If you go down to the Southbank Christmas market today you’re in for a good surprise. After such a great summer at the Southbank festival of love, we thought it would be good to get ourselves a hut for their Winter market too.

Cafe Run

In October we launched the new #caferun ride in collaboration with Strava and G!RO cafe. Giving all cyclists the chance to earn a limited edition World Champ coffee mug. We still have some left so if you haven't already get out on your bike to collect a remaining mug.

New £45

The Italian pop-up dinner

The Italian Dinner returns to Mare Street on Saturday 29th November for good food, laughs, and silent movies.

16:00 › 17:00


We've collaborated with Velopresso to provide Look mum no hands! bike powered coffee throughout the summer.

London Craft Beer Tour

Join us for our ride around East London's breweries on Saturday 11th April.

23:00 › 00:00
49 Old Street