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TDF Activity Sheets

Throughout Le Tour doodle away on our TDF Activity Sheets thanks to PipJRune

Download our TDF Activity Sheets below! Click the image to go to a dropbox link.

Watch Le Tour with us

Watch every stage of the race LIVE on the big screen with us and highlights every evening from 7pm.

49 Old Street

London Bridge Pop-up
The Pier 
Hays Lane 
London Bridge 

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TDF2018 Rider Results

WIN PRIZES every day on twitter for the last week of Le Tour by guessing the exact finishing position of our favourite riders selected by the Peloton Brief. Look, these guys might not be favourites to win, but they are favourites in our heart, and they deserve some attention for being rad as!

Cyclist Magazine TDF Takeover

ALLEZ! Cyclist magazine have taken over the cafe for the duration of the Le Tour

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  • 10th Jul 2018