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The Baltic Porter

On Thursday 8th March, you can slurp Anspach & Hobday's NEW Baltic Porter at 49 Old St. with us. 

To celebrate A&H's 4th Birthday they're launching their freshly brewed Baltic Porter at some of their favourite venues in London and the UK (including us!). A&H is a micro-brewery in the arches near London Bridge.

Baltic Porters are bottom fermented, cold conditioned cousins of Porter, London’s greatest beer style. 

They developed from the early porters that were gaining huge popularity around the world, and are one of many spin-off styles that emerged as a result export. The long, cold conditioning phase of the brewing process, along with the use of continental malts such as Munich, lead to a smoother, rounder porter, with lest roasted and coffee notes. Fermentation with bottom acting lager yeast also leads to a crisper finish than traditional, warm fermented porters.

Brew stats
Grist: Marris Otter, Munich, Rauchmalt, CaraRed, Amber, Caraffa III, Chocolate, Special B.
Hops: Willamette, EKG
Yeast: w34/70 (Lager)
ABV: 7.3

Available on tap from Thursday 8th March. It's also our Vinyl Night from 6pm. Roll down for seriously good beers and beats. 
49 Old St. EC1V 9HX

Brewers on the decks

It's exactly that, brewers on the decks! Featuring The Kernel Brewery's Jens & Rik, Partizan Brewing's Andy and Orbit Beers Sarah. Roll down to our London Bridge pop-up for an evening fuelled by great beers and the people that make them belting out brilliant tunes.

17:00 › 22:00
New £25

Beer on tap

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Beer on tap

Drink up. We have draught beer on tap at Old St. We rotate a showcase of our favourite brews from London (and beyond) based breweries. Here's what's on today...

Beer on tap

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