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World Champs #RiderResults

Get stuck in with our #RiderResults twitter comp for the final weekend of the World Championships. We pick the rider, you predict their place to WIN PRIZES.

We've selected two riders for the women's and men's road races this weekend. These riders are charismatic, friendly, and engaging.... We won't announce who they are until the day of the race ;) Take part on twitter @1ookmumnohands to WIN this Saturday and Sunday. 

What can I win?

A World Champ Bundle!


WC Cycling Cap
WC Mug
WC Espresso Cup

How do I take part?
Join us on twitter @1ookmumnohands. Use the hashtag #riderresults to tweet your prediction of where you think our daily rider will place in the stage. Cut off point is 5K to go. Closet predictions wins! Judge’s decision is final.


Good luck to all the riders in the World Champs!