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“I like Alf” - Book Launch with Paul Jones and Alf Engers

Paul Jones is launching his new book, "I like Alf: 14 Lessons from the Life of Alf Engers", joined by Alf Engers on Wednesday 26th September at 49 Old St. 

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49 Old Street
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An evening with Ayesha McGowan and Jools Walker

Ayesha McGowan discussed the world of racing, representation in cycling and more with Jools Walker to a crowd at 49 Old St. on Monday 23rd July. WATCH or LISTEN back to the panel via facebook or Wheel Suckers Podcast. 

OVO Energy Women’s Tour - Rider Results

On Wednesday 13th June, one of the riders’ and fans’ favourite UCI World Tour race kicks off  - the Ovo Energy Women’s Tour. Don't miss the chance to WIN #Lmnh PRIZES everyday of the race by playing #RiderResults on twitter with Voxwomen and us.  

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