Look mum no hands!

Plumage Records’ Disco Lounge

Music Box Radio Night

Live @ 49 Old st DJs from Music Box Radio

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Definitive Disco

Norm De Plume's final Disco Lounge installment will be at LMNH Mare Street on Saturday 1st August. Find out more and listen to a choice mini mix....

Deep disco vibes

We had a quick chat with Norm de Plume about the next Plumage Records' Disco Lounge at Mare Street on Saturday 9th May.

Plumage Records presents: Disco Lounge

Ahead of their forthcoming collaborative release Ben La Desh and Norm De Plume will play at the very first Plumage Records label night at Mare Street.

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Plumage Records

We caught up with Norm De Plume from Delusions Of Grandeur to find out about the upcoming Plumage Records Disco Lounge at Mare Street in February.

Plumage Records Disco Lounge

Join Plumage Records for their last club night takeover turning Look mum no hands! Mare Street (EAST) into an intimate Disco Lounge.

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