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Plumage Records presents: Disco Lounge

Music Box Radio Night

Live @ 49 Old st DJs from Music Box Radio

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Granfondo info evening with All Things Ride + Dirty Wknd

Have you signed up for an EU Granfondo like L'Etape du Tour or looking for your next challenge? All Things Ride + Dirty Wknd have teamed up to provide an information evening on Wednesday 16th January from 6:30pm to answer all your burning questions. 

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Definitive Disco

Norm De Plume's final Disco Lounge installment will be at LMNH Mare Street on Saturday 1st August. Find out more and listen to a choice mini mix....

Deep disco vibes

We had a quick chat with Norm de Plume about the next Plumage Records' Disco Lounge at Mare Street on Saturday 9th May.

New £45

Plumage Records’ Disco Lounge

Having brought Ben La Desh to London for his debut back in February, Plumage Records' Disco Lounge returns on Saturday 9th May at Mare Street.

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