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We have one permanent site and various pop-ups during the summer months.

49 Old Street

Dates & Times
CAFE MON-FRI. 08:00 › 16:00
CAFE SAT 08:30 › 16:00
CAFE SUN 09:00 › 16:00
WORKSHOP MON-FRI. 09:00 › 17:00
49 Old Street
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Want free coffee? Get INTUNE!

CBD curious friends and fans alike! We'll treat you to a FREE coffee with every purchase of INTUNE - a new sparkling soft fruit drink featuring a 10mg dose of CBD - from Tuesday 27th October until Friday 27th November at 49 Old St. EC1V 9HX. 

  • 28th Oct 2020
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The LMNH GPS Art Challenge!

Show off your creative GPS cycling skills for a chance to WIN a case of Vedett AND Duvel beer (that’s 48 bottles) or Look mum no hands! goodies!

  • 19th Oct 2020
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Gran Fondo coffee

Pact Coffee have produced this Limited Edition Gran Fondo coffee in partnership with Welsh Legend Geraint Thomas and we have bags for sale at 49 Old St. EC1V 9HX and online

  • 5th Oct 2020
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New via Ritual

Order Food!

via Ritual
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Diversity In Cycling

Diversity In Cycling was conceived as a collaborative grass roots project to better understand the lack of black and Asian diversity in cycling and particularly in cycling clubs. The project grew through word of mouth, eventually attracting the attention of governing body British Cycling who helped distribute the report to its members and more broadly. We provided the launch event to a pack audience of cyclists of all backgrounds back in June 2019. Please Read, Share and Act on the Diversity in Cycling report.

  • 11th Sep 2020
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New £6.00
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