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  • Bike maintenance courses at LMNH

    Posted 04.12.2012 in Food & Drink, Shop Events, Workshop

    Bike maintenance courses at LMNH

    Book your course here:

  • Bike maintenance course at the cafe

    Posted 10.09.2012 in Food & Drink, Shop Events, Workshop

    Bike maintenance course at the cafe


    INCLUDES FREE TOOL KIT (Pedros multi tool, tyre levers & repair kit) AND COFFEE

    The course is held at Look mum no hands, 49 Old St. 10am - 4pm

    Book here

    Please email digger[at] for more info.

  • La Vuelta - live every afternoon

    Posted 03.09.2012 in Food & Drink, Shop Events, Workshop

    La Vuelta - live every afternoon

    Enjoy live coverage every afternoon.

  • Giro d’Italia

    Posted 05.05.2012 in Shop Events

    Giro d’Italia

    Perhaps the most beautiful of the 3 Grand Tours.

    5th May-27th May

    We'll show every stage live, and evening highlights.

    Monday 14th Stage 9- Live 14:15 Highlights at 19:00
    Tuesday 15th Stage 10- Live 13:45 Highlights at 19:00
    Wednesday 16th Stage 11- Live 13:45 Highlights 19:00
    Thursday 17th Stage 12- Live 13:45 Highlights 19:00
    Friday 18th Stage 13- Live 13:30 Highlights 19:00
    Saturday 19th Stage 14- Live 12:45
    Sunday 20th Stage 15- Live 14:15
    Monday 21st Rest Day! Stage 15 Highlights 15:00
    Tuesday 22nd Stage 16- Live 13:30 Highlights 19:00
    wdnesday 23rd Stage 17- Live 12:30

  • Big screen Cycling!

    Posted 08.03.2012 in Shop Events

    Big screen Cycling!

    The season has begun!
    If it's on Eurosport then it's on our enormous screen.

    We have Continental Eurosport, not British Eurosport.

    Here's a link to thier schedule, remember to deduct an hour from CET.

    Best enjoyed with a beer and a pie.

  • Eritrean National Cycling Team, Photographs of Emmanuel Benoit.

    Posted 29.02.2012 in Food & Drink, Shop Events, Workshop

    Eritrean National Cycling Team, Photographs of Emmanuel Benoit. Eritrean National Cycling Team, Photographs of Emmanuel Benoit.

    An exhibition of Emmanuel Benoit's portrait photographs, from the Eritrean national cycling team series, to be held from 1st March to mid-April at "Look Mum No Hands!" 49 Old Street, London.

    I travelled for a long time around the Horn of Africa before I began my adventures in Eritrea in February 2010.

    Eritrea is a country with 4 million inhabitants, situated between Sudan in the West, Ethiopia and Djibouti in the South, and the Red Sea in the East.

    The story that follows, an extract from my travel journal, is a testimony of a beautiful encounter. On this occasion, to be able to share the images there and then with the Eritrean sportsmen, I found it necessary to use Polaroid.

    « Early in the morning in Hotel Luna of Massawa, cyclists are having breakfast. They are accompanied by their coach Salomon Samson, as well as their technical assistant Hadi Barhi. We exchange glances and I ask them if they would allow me to take their portraits before they start the training.

    They are all part of the national Eritrean cycling team, comprising of 25 cyclists in total. These 9 particular cyclists are following an intensive training program for one week, after which 7 of them are going to be chosen to take part in the Tour of Libya from 13th to 17th March - a journey of more than 600 kilometres. Salomon tells me that considering the topography of Eritrea (the capital Asmara is more than 2500m above the sea level where Massawa is), they are very good climbers but might find it a challenge to race in Libya due to the terrain being so flat.

    They are all between 23 and 25 years of age.

    Shooting takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, and everyone takes the photographic session very seriously. When the time comes for me to catch my bus to Asmara, I realise that I haven’t asked for their permission to use the images. Back in the hotel I prepare the documents they need to sign for me, and we all have lunch together. They have just finished an 80 kilometres cycle, so they eat a huge amount of pasta followed by fish. There is no amphetamine available to dope the sportsmen. I grab a cup of tea with Salomon and catch my bus to Asmara ».

  • Urban countryside

    Posted 15.02.2012 in Food & Drink, Shop Events, Workshop

    Urban countryside Urban countryside

    Rory is doing something mental in the yard............

    The countryside in London is dying out. The sparse remaining pockets left of the original land that existed before the city expanded are becoming fewer each year, and this is not good. It’s not good for the environment and it’s not good for our sanity.
    This installation will aim to simulate this tranquillity in a busy urban environment, and give visitors a moments peace and seclusion from the sonorous grind of the bustling metropolis.
    More to come..

  • Wake up to muff!

    Posted 09.01.2012 in Food & Drink, Shop Events, Workshop

    Wake up to muff!

    Tibbs made a film about his Sunday morning muffin baking antics. Some of it is filmed in the cafe. If you missed it at the BFF you can now see it here.

  • Graeme Obree book launch

    Posted 05.01.2012 in Food & Drink, Shop Events, Workshop

    Graeme Obree book launch

    Join us from 6pm. Cycling legend Graeme Obree talks to Jack Thurston about his new book.