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  • LMNH Christmas Party

    Posted 03.12.2014 in

    LMNH Christmas Party

    You're all invited to help us spread for some festive cheer at Mare Street on Friday 12th December, from 6.30pm til late.

    We've joined forced with The Ride Journal, photographer Michael Blann and Hackney GT to bring you an evening of beer, sweaty dancing & kissing.

    From 7pm you can get your hands on the latest issue of The Ride Journal IX (or er, 9). View the launch of our latest exhibition by photographer Michael Blann:

    Enjoy a live performance from Lokandes - Musical maestro Kanti Qena [Peru] named the band after a combination of two words: 'Crazy' and 'Andes'. Representing the intention of their music: Crazy music from the Andes.

    Plus DJ sets from Hackney GT. All welcome.

    Look mum no hands (East), 125–127 Mare St, E8 3RH
    Free before 10pm, £3 after.

  • Cycle Speed Dating

    Posted 13.11.2014 in

    Cycle Speed Dating

    Cycle Speed Dating is back at Look Mum No Hands! Mare Street this winter. We believe solo cycling is magic, but cycling together is even better. If you like riding a bike, single and up for meeting new people. Join us for this no fuss, relaxed dating event and meet like-minded singles during three minute dates.

    The atmosphere is relaxed for this no stress dating night. There will be enough space to lock bikes up and the ticket includes a free drink (including delicious Vedett and Rothaus beers).
    Each events usually start around 8pm, please come and register before 7.45pm. Tickets (£15 / £12 - before November 18th) are on sale now and include a drink, the professional hosting of the evening and an email afterwards with your matches.

    We have two events in November and a party in December.

    Cycle Speed Dating (Men only)
    Wednesday 26th November from 7.45pm
    Read more:

    Cycle Speed Dating (Women only)
    Thursday 27th November from 7.45pm
    Read more:

    Cycle Speed Dating Party (Men/woman)
    Wednesday 3rd December from 7.45pm
    Read more:

    This party won't be just about speed dating. You will go on a 'mini' speed dating session during the evening and we will play an ice breaker game (as long as the prizes last ;)) which will give you a reason to chat with everyone there. Prices include LMNH! goodies as well as nice things for you and your bike. There will be music, cake and your ticket includes a free drink (including delicious Vedett and Rothaus beers).

    View all events:

    Look mum no hands! Mare Street
    125–127 Mare St London E8 3RH
    07985 200 472
    Facebook: /cyclespeeddating
    Twitter: cycle_dating

  • Tour de Cycle Hire Screening Party

    Posted 10.11.2014 in

    Tour de Cycle Hire Screening Party

    CycleLove, founded by graphic designer James Greig, is a site dedicated to bringing you the very best of cycle culture: art, design, photography, style and heritage.
    Borough CC is a young British accessories brand, designing 14in briefcase x backpack that fits perfectly into London, New York, and San-Francisco cycle hire bicycles. Manufactured in East London.

    On Thursday 13th November we are screening the first showing of the Tour de Cycle Hire film, a piece documenting the Borough x CycleLove's adventure that happened earlier this summer.

    The premise: Three friends. Three gears. Three hundred kilometres of road. Traveling from London to Paris ride on unmodified TFL cycle hire bikes.
    Join us from 7pm to view an exhibition showcasing their journey, take a peek at the Boris bikes steeds and exclusive screening of the film. Freshly prepared food, craft beers and coffee available.

    49 Old Street London EC1V 9HX 020 7253 1025

    Freshly prepared food, craft beers and coffee available.

    49 Old Street London EC1V 9HX 020 7253 1025

  • Brothers We Stand Birthday Party

    Posted 03.11.2014 in

    Brothers We Stand Birthday Party

    Environmental friendly and ethically produced menswear label Brothers We Stand are hosting their first birthday party at Look mum no hands! Mare Street on Saturday 8th November - and you're all invited.

    Running from 12 noon til late, they are hosting a series of talks, workshops and opportunities to find out more about the brand and what they do. All day there will be a pop-up fair and shop to browse ethical menswear, styling booth by the Fix For Men stylist, Polaroid Photobooth live streamed on the Brothers We Stand website and @forstories_HI_IN-BRIXTON dishing out golden snaps.

    Drop in: Pockets of Sunshine workshop - Creating pockets tees with fabric made from recycled plastic bottles
    2.30 Amnesty International explain why ethical fashion is hot stuff.
    3.30 Workshop: How to wear a suit like you run sh*t. Reuben Christian, comic and director of menswear blog Individualism shares his pearls.
    7:00 Panel Discussion: ETHICAL FASHION WHAT'S GWARNIN?
    Riz Smith - Designer and Lecturer at London College of Fashion
    Roxy Houshmand- Founder at The Right Project
    Rob Drake- Knight - Co-Founder at Rapanui
    Jonathan Mitchell - Founder at Brothers We Stand

    Mas Agua
    Manabu Shimada

    Tickets are £5 which includes a drink and all proceeds go the Rana Plaza Fund.
    Available here:

    All proceeds from this event will go to the Rana Plaza Trust Fund as a symbol of Brothers we Stand's solidarity with the men and women who still toil under endure inhumane conditions making fashion.

    Brothers We Stand

  • Trackside ‘85

    Posted 14.10.2014 in

    Trackside ‘85

    Ass Saver's photo exhibition Trackside '85 is making it's final tour stop at Look mum no hands! Mare Street opening on Thursday 16th October.

    The show depicts a cyclists relentless grind, lap after lap on the velodrome, while the crowd’s attention slowly turns from bikes to beer. Inside the track the cyclists are reduced to satellites orbiting the microcosm of the this inner livelihood where dreams of honour and glory, hopes for romance, and escaping from the daily grind subsist as the riders relentlessly push on in the slowly thickening cigarette smoke of the arena. The parallel between this scene and Berlin – a city in exile with it’s citizens trying to maintain a life of normality within the wall – is palpable. And in the midst of it all is a young Swedish photographer, floating from scene to scene and capturing the action both on and off the track in Berlin, 1985.

    About The Photographer
    Staffan Jofjell is a photographer with 40 years of experience in reportage photography, documentary filming, and art projects. He has exhibited in Finland, Turkey, Albania and Bosnia among several other countries and is still seeking new challenges through the lens. His photographs typically explore the non-obvious and his ability to get involved and communicate a presence has been widely recognized. Staffan lives and works in Värmland, Sweden

    Exhibition Dates
    16 October – 6 November

    Exhibition Opening
    16 October, 6:00pm

    Look Mum No Hands
    125–127 Mare St
    16 October – 6 November


    About Ass Savers
    Ass Savers is a young company hailing from the rainy, wet city of Gothenburg, Sweden. Since 2011, the five designer co-founders have turned their small side project into a rapidly growing brand within the cycling industry and have received numerous awards including Bike Minimalism's Product of the Year 2012 and being chosen as Finalists at ISPO Brand New 2014.

  • Basic Maintenance Course

    Posted 29.08.2014 in

    Basic Maintenance Course Basic Maintenance Course

    On Saturday 6th September mechanic & philosopher Digger will be teaching our basic maintenance course at Old Street from 10am til 4pm.

    You'll learn about wheel removal and replacement, puncture repair (two methods), bike roadworthyness assessment, brake block replacement, brake set-up, cable maintenance, gear adjustment and more...

    Each place is £75 and Includes free tool kit and coffee.


    for more info.

  • Half the Road Returns

    Posted 12.08.2014 in

    Half the Road Returns Half the Road Returns

    Due to popular demand we've arranged another screening of Half the Road at Mare Street on Thursday 28th August.

    Entry will be free and all money raised on the night will be split between the Amy Dombroski Foundation and Racing Chance, both causes supporting Women's Pro Cycling.
    Seating is limited so register early to avoid disappointment. Tickets now available:
    6.30pm for a 7pm start.

    "HALF THE ROAD is a documentary film that explores the world of women’s professional cycling, focusing on both the love of sport and the pressing issues of inequality that modern-day female riders face in a male dominated sport. With footage from some of the world’s best UCI races to interviews with Olympians, World Champions, rookies, coaches, managers, officials, doctors and family members, HALF THE ROAD offers a unique insight to the drive, dedication, and passion it takes for a female cyclist to thrive. Both on and off the bike, the voices and advocates of women’s pro cycling take the audience on a journey of enlightenment, depth, strength, love, humor and best of all, change & growth."

    A documentary written & directed by Kathryn Bertine
    Filmed & edited by Kevin Tokstad

    Event brought to you by Look mum no hands! + Vulpine
    For more information please contact

    125–127 Mare St London E8 3RH
    CAFE 07985 200 472

    Photos: Suzie McCracken/Vulpine

  • ‘Come on Eileen’

    Posted 03.06.2014 in

    ‘Come on Eileen’ ‘Come on Eileen’

    An excited crowd attended Mare Street on Friday 30th May for Anthony Collins short film, 'Come on Eileen'.

    The 20 minute piece told the remarkable tale of distance cyclist Eileen Sheridan, who in the 1950s, defied the odds to become a record breaking professional cyclist.

    Eileen, a cheeky, bright eyed 90 year old attended the evening retelling tails of early tandem rides, the unusual diet of a cyclist, and the perils of long distance cycling.
    The film took these stories and showcased her astonishing career with cycling blogger Jude Brosnan playing Eileen and comedian Josie Long providing narration.

    We saw Eileen's early Coventry Touring Club days, her training with husband Ken, and the grueling reenactment of her most famous ride, which set a standard for generations of female cyclists to come. In 1954, Eileen rode from Lands End to John O'Groats, a journey that saw her travel over 800 miles in 2 days, 11 hours and 7 minutes. A record that wasn't broken for 48 years.

    It was a pleasure to hear from Eileen on the evening. A insightful cycling inspiration. Thanks to all who attended, Anthony Collins, CTC and Jude Brosnan.

  • Rollapaluza Records Night

    Posted 27.05.2014 in

    Rollapaluza Records Night Rollapaluza Records Night

    Rollapaluza hosted a Records Night at Mare Street on Saturday 24th May.

    "We were privileged to have Guy Martins record breaking Rourke/Hope bike for our own record attempt, only this time on rollers – and not being towed behind a truck but in London’s premier cycling cafe Look Mum No Hands, Hackney which was a perfect venue for the event. Our riders would have 90 seconds to try and set the fastest speed and an opportunity to race our normal 500m."

    Read their full blog post here:

    We'd like to thank Milltag, Swrve, Brooks, Hackney GT, and 5 Points Brewery for the prizes and Brian Rourke Cycles for Guy Martins bike.

  • Bicycles & Bloomers

    Posted 08.04.2014 in

    Bicycles & Bloomers Bicycles & Bloomers

    We were approached by Kat Jungnickel and Rachel Pimm of Goldsmiths, University of London who wanted to host a workshop at our Mare Street cafe to help local ladies make their own customised pair of bloomers.

    They could ride away in them, but also learn more about the role bloomers played in women’s cycling, dress reform and the suffragette movement in 1890s Britain. We had around 12 ladies on Saturday 5th April drop in for the free workshop from 10am - 4pm. The event was part of a sociological research project exploring how the bike, bloomer, and the suffrage movement in late 19th Century Britain helped women carve out new forms of mobile citizenship. Bloomers are a central focus because in the move from under-wear to outer-wear they became a symbol of freedom of movement; both physical and ideological.

    "The workshop was held in Look Mum No Hands East, a very popular bicycle cafe/workshop on Mare Street. It was a great location – bright open space, friendly supportive staff, delicious salads and cakes, good coffee and warm cycling vibe. It seemed only right that I should transport all of the sewing equipment for the Bloomer Making Workshop to LMNH by bicycle, so I hired one of Alix Stredwick’s fantastic Carry Me Cargobikes. It was a serious three-wheeler and I was transporting quite a lot of stuff – sewing machines, a full sized dressmaking womannequin, materials, patterns, scissors, thread, buttons and all the other accoutrements of sewing. I am used to loading my usual touring bike with a lot of stuff. But this was serious."

    Read more in Kat's blog post here:

    As a follow-up event to the Bicycle Bloomer Making Workshop, Kat and Rachel are inviting folks to join them for a ride into London’s rich cycling innovation history. They’ll traverse the city by bicycle, weaving together some of the fascinating lesser-known stories about inventive women who made, wore and patented extra-ordinary ‘convertible’ cyclewear.

    All (genders) welcome.
    Bloomers are encouraged (especially if you made them in the workshop!) but not compulsory.
    The ride will start outside The Serpentine Bar and Kitchen - the cafe on the edge of the Serpentine - at 2pm.
    They will set off at 2.30. So please don't be late.
    It will end at Look Mum No Hands! (Old Street) around 2 hours later for afternoon tea and cake.

    The event is free (including complimentary cake and a drink), but please register so we can ensure there’s enough cake!
    Register here:

    Found out more about the Bike and Bloomers project here:

  • Messenger Madness

    Posted 04.04.2014 in

    Messenger Madness

    Rebecca Reilley dropped by Mare Street on Saturday night last weekend to tell tales of her cycling past and her experiences as a messenger in various countries all over the world.
    Curated and hosted by Emily Chappell and Buffalo Bill, a host of cyclists and non cyclists alike joined us to hear more.

    We invited London cyclist and blogger Jason Cobb to record the eve. You can listen to Rebecca's full talk on audio boo:

    "To @1ookmumnohands! …last weekend for an evening spent in the company of bicycle messenger Rebecca Reilly. A rare UK visit for the author of Nerves of Steel: Bike Messengers in the United States, was the opportunity for the friendly folk of Look Mum (East, natch) to invite Rebecca to share some of her messenger stories with the London riders.

    Buffalo Bill introduced Rebecca, telling tales of how her status was legendary on the messenger scene as a single-minded, hard as nails rider. I could feel my legs pumping away in anticipation, despite taking up a seated position. Chapeau!"

    Continue Reading....

  • The Girls’ Bicycle Handbook Launch

    Posted 28.03.2014 in

    The Girls’ Bicycle Handbook Launch

    Join us for a drink to celebrate the launch of Caz Nicklin's new book, The Girls' Bicycle Handbook on Thursday 3rd April from 6.30pm.

    "The Girls' Bicycle Handbook is for women cyclists everywhere who need practical no-nonsense advice and information on cycling, and cycling in style. Whether you're a committed bike commuter or a complete novice, founder and cycle style blogger, Caz Nicklin gives the low-down on making cycling part of your lifestyle. From choosing the right bike for your needs to looking stylish and comfortable whatever the weather, and from combatting 'helmet hair' to road safety, fast repairs and getting your baby on board, The Girls' Bicycle Handbook tells you everything you need to know about life on two wheels."

    The new range of Bern helmets will be available to try on and a free drink on arrival. Freshly prepared food, craft beers and superb coffee available.

    Read more and pre order

    125–127 Mare St, London E8 3RH

  • Bike maintenance courses at LMNH

    Posted 04.12.2012 in

    Bike maintenance courses at LMNH

    Book your course here:

  • Bike maintenance course at the cafe

    Posted 10.09.2012 in

    Bike maintenance course at the cafe


    INCLUDES FREE TOOL KIT (Pedros multi tool, tyre levers & repair kit) AND COFFEE

    The course is held at Look mum no hands, 49 Old St. 10am - 4pm

    Book here

    Please email digger[at] for more info.

  • La Vuelta - live every afternoon

    Posted 03.09.2012 in

    La Vuelta - live every afternoon

    Enjoy live coverage every afternoon.

  • Giro d’Italia

    Posted 05.05.2012 in

    Giro d’Italia

    Perhaps the most beautiful of the 3 Grand Tours.

    5th May-27th May

    We'll show every stage live, and evening highlights.

    Monday 14th Stage 9- Live 14:15 Highlights at 19:00
    Tuesday 15th Stage 10- Live 13:45 Highlights at 19:00
    Wednesday 16th Stage 11- Live 13:45 Highlights 19:00
    Thursday 17th Stage 12- Live 13:45 Highlights 19:00
    Friday 18th Stage 13- Live 13:30 Highlights 19:00
    Saturday 19th Stage 14- Live 12:45
    Sunday 20th Stage 15- Live 14:15
    Monday 21st Rest Day! Stage 15 Highlights 15:00
    Tuesday 22nd Stage 16- Live 13:30 Highlights 19:00
    wdnesday 23rd Stage 17- Live 12:30

  • Big screen Cycling!

    Posted 08.03.2012 in

    Big screen Cycling!

    The season has begun!
    If it's on Eurosport then it's on our enormous screen.

    We have Continental Eurosport, not British Eurosport.

    Here's a link to thier schedule, remember to deduct an hour from CET.

    Best enjoyed with a beer and a pie.

  • Eritrean National Cycling Team, Photographs of Emmanuel Benoit.

    Posted 29.02.2012 in

    Eritrean National Cycling Team, Photographs of Emmanuel Benoit. Eritrean National Cycling Team, Photographs of Emmanuel Benoit.

    An exhibition of Emmanuel Benoit's portrait photographs, from the Eritrean national cycling team series, to be held from 1st March to mid-April at "Look Mum No Hands!" 49 Old Street, London.

    I travelled for a long time around the Horn of Africa before I began my adventures in Eritrea in February 2010.

    Eritrea is a country with 4 million inhabitants, situated between Sudan in the West, Ethiopia and Djibouti in the South, and the Red Sea in the East.

    The story that follows, an extract from my travel journal, is a testimony of a beautiful encounter. On this occasion, to be able to share the images there and then with the Eritrean sportsmen, I found it necessary to use Polaroid.

    « Early in the morning in Hotel Luna of Massawa, cyclists are having breakfast. They are accompanied by their coach Salomon Samson, as well as their technical assistant Hadi Barhi. We exchange glances and I ask them if they would allow me to take their portraits before they start the training.

    They are all part of the national Eritrean cycling team, comprising of 25 cyclists in total. These 9 particular cyclists are following an intensive training program for one week, after which 7 of them are going to be chosen to take part in the Tour of Libya from 13th to 17th March - a journey of more than 600 kilometres. Salomon tells me that considering the topography of Eritrea (the capital Asmara is more than 2500m above the sea level where Massawa is), they are very good climbers but might find it a challenge to race in Libya due to the terrain being so flat.

    They are all between 23 and 25 years of age.

    Shooting takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, and everyone takes the photographic session very seriously. When the time comes for me to catch my bus to Asmara, I realise that I haven’t asked for their permission to use the images. Back in the hotel I prepare the documents they need to sign for me, and we all have lunch together. They have just finished an 80 kilometres cycle, so they eat a huge amount of pasta followed by fish. There is no amphetamine available to dope the sportsmen. I grab a cup of tea with Salomon and catch my bus to Asmara ».

  • Urban countryside

    Posted 15.02.2012 in

    Urban countryside Urban countryside

    Rory is doing something mental in the yard............

    The countryside in London is dying out. The sparse remaining pockets left of the original land that existed before the city expanded are becoming fewer each year, and this is not good. It’s not good for the environment and it’s not good for our sanity.
    This installation will aim to simulate this tranquillity in a busy urban environment, and give visitors a moments peace and seclusion from the sonorous grind of the bustling metropolis.
    More to come..

  • Wake up to muff!

    Posted 09.01.2012 in

    Wake up to muff!

    Tibbs made a film about his Sunday morning muffin baking antics. Some of it is filmed in the cafe. If you missed it at the BFF you can now see it here.

  • Graeme Obree book launch

    Posted 05.01.2012 in

    Graeme Obree book launch

    Join us from 6pm. Cycling legend Graeme Obree talks to Jack Thurston about his new book.

  • Happy Christmas!

    Posted 23.12.2011 in

    Happy Christmas!

    Merry christmas!
    We're closed from 24thDecember, reopening on 3rd January.

  • The look mum no hands! Christmas party

    Posted 18.11.2011 in

    The look mum no hands! Christmas party

    Come and join us on Friday the 16th of December

  • Hackney GT Launch Party

    Posted 09.11.2011 in

    Hackney GT Launch Party

    Launch of a debut collection of cycling attire and bespoke cyclocross frames with live music. This should be wicked. Eri Okan play Brazilian Afrobloco live with support from DJ 1TA Part2style (Japan)

  • Nicky fatback’s sellin his vinyl

    Posted 23.09.2011 in

    Nicky fatback’s sellin his vinyl


    All my life, I’ve had an addiction. I admit it. For almost all my life, I’ve become dependant, quiveringly enslaved, a slack-jawed junkie.

    The black-black. Mama Gumbo. The 12 inch Nefertiti. The dark circle of Sirocco.

    Of course at a molecular level it was just plain old alcohol. Ethyl alcohol. CH2. You might have heard of it as VINYL. Or the circle of Sirecco if you’re from round there.

    My very first hit was back in 1982, Thriller, the cover depicting a young Michael Jackson with a baby Bengal tiger. Little did I know, that once fully grown, what a danger to small boys that little tiger would become. Not to mention Michael Jackson being a peadophile and that.

    Soon my addiction grew and grew. Hip-hop, soul, funk, jungle, garage, R’n’B, until my vinyl even outnumbered my oven-shrunken monster munch packet collection.

    But now I have decided that enough is enough. The fridge is full of 2-step. I can’t use my bath because of James Brown & the JBs. I can hardly sleep for block-rocking beats beneath my bed.

    So the time has come to go cold turkey. I’m saying goodbye to the vinyl. I’d love for you to come and pay your respects and perhaps take one home for your spice cupboard.

    Join me at Look Mum No Hands on Sunday November 6th I’ll be there all day, playing vinyl from my past and crying.

  • Tour of Britain after party. This Sunday 8pm

    Posted 15.09.2011 in

    Tour of Britain after party. This Sunday 8pm

    Sigma sport Specialized host this apres-race bash where the riders will be swapping gels for Slags (our house Belgian lager)

  • Monsters collective exhibition Sat 3rd - 16th September

    Posted 05.09.2011 in

    Monsters collective exhibition Sat 3rd - 16th September Monsters collective exhibition Sat 3rd - 16th September

    Monsters Illustration Collective is peddling artwork and prints at the fabulous bicycle cafe-bar 'Look Mum No Hands!' between the 4th and 16th of September.
    We are having a Private View on Thursday 8th September from 6 -10 pm.
    All work will be for sale and most of it can be bought framed or as limited edition prints.
    With prices from £20....... even illustrators can afford them.
    Come and join us for this Monsters special event.

  • Quarterre - Furniture For Bikes. Part of the London Design Festival

    Posted 30.08.2011 in

    Quarterre - Furniture For Bikes. Part of the London Design Festival

    From September 19 to 25, three sculptural bike storage solutions are to be exhibited; Branchline, Shadow and Hood. Designed to support everyday life on two wheels, these premium pieces unite cycling culture with interior design.

    The four Quarterre designers hail from multi-disciplinary backgrounds including automotive design. Driven by personal passions for cycling, the designers sought to address the challenges of owning a bike in an urban environment. Applying their technical expertise and knowledge of materials to bike storage, Quarterre has crafted this range of sculptural stands with a meticulous and measured eye. Rather than bikes creating assault courses in hallways, being relegated to the shed or the office back room, Quarterre's range of stands are effective and highly aesthetic storage solutions designed to seamlessly and elegantly integrate cycling with work or home environments.

    Made exclusively in the UK using the highest quality materials and hand-finished with leather detailing, craftsmanship lies at the heart of this collection.

    Made of folded steel, Hood is wall-mounted creating an architecturally faceted hook for hanging your bike.

    Branchline is designed to adapt and grow alongside the owner's life and needs. The stand provides vertical storage for up to two bikes on two sets of adjustable arms and can adapt to a variety of frame shapes. The piece can stand independently against or be secured to the wall and is available in a clean laminate finish or sustainably sourced bamboo.

    Freestanding Shadow is sculpted from a single sheet of folded steel. Shadow's cantilevered form can accommodate most wheel sizes and the bike can be easily rolled into position.

    Furniture For Bikes combine stylish forms with function and simplicity with structural elegance. The streamlined shapes, architectural lines and quality of the pieces act as an impressive foil for a much-valued bike within the home or work place.

    Please contact us at for any enquiries.

  • Knowledge is power. Digger teaches you basic maintenance. Saturday 27th Aug 10-4pm

    Posted 18.08.2011 in

    Knowledge is power. Digger teaches you basic maintenance. Saturday 27th Aug 10-4pm

    Basic bike maintenance for all. Call Digger at the cafe on 020 7490 3928.

  • Hackney’s cycling cultures: ‘Bike Portraits’ photographic exhibition

    Posted 29.07.2011 in

    Hackney’s cycling cultures: ‘Bike Portraits’ photographic exhibition

    Bike Portraits is a exhibition by Kat Jungnickel that presents some of the rich and diverse cycling cultures of Hackney.

    The private view takes place on Saturday 30 July with a bike ride between the five venues

    25 portraits of people with their bicycles were taken in and around Hackney over the last year. Inspired by David Hockney's collages and comprised of up to 60 images, each portrait has a unique shape that emerges in the making. Left deliberately messy with jagged edges, exaggerated horizons and absurd architectures, they go someway to point to the nature of the personal, sensory and multi-dimensional experience of cycling. Kat also places herself in the images, thereby pointing to the collaborative and social nature of the work and contributing to the messy dynamic.

    Cycling rates are growing across the UK and Hackney has seen the biggest increase in cycling of any of the London boroughs in recent years. Bike Portraits is part of a University of East London Sociology research project that focuses on Hackney and three other UK cities with relatively high cycling rates to find out why cycling thrives in some places. The research is ongoing with results expected at the end of the year. See

    In addition to LMNH, the exhibition is on display in 4 other bike shops and cafes in and around Hackney: Two Wheels Good (165 Stoke Newington Church Street), Push Cycles (35c Newington Green), London Fields Cycles (281 Mare Street) and Lock 7 (129 Pritchard's Road).

    The private view takes place on Saturday 30 July with a bike ride between the five venues. Contact Kat on to join in.

  • Le Tour de France!

    Posted 02.07.2011 in

    Le Tour de France! Le Tour de France!

    We are very excited about the 2011 Tour.
    We'll be showing as much coverage as we can get on our massive screen.

    Generally we show Eurosport during the day (fewer ad breaks), then ITV highlights (7pm) in the evening (so we get our Liggett fix).
    If it's being broadcast then we'll get it on. We'll also be showing the great film Chasing Legends on the 14th at 8pm

    Check the calendar for more details.

    Allez allez allez!

    02/07/2011 - 11am
    03/07/2011 - 1pm
    04/07/2011 - 1pm
    05/07/2011 - 1pm
    06/07/2011 - 12:30pm
    07/07/2011 - 1pm
    08/07/2011 - 1pm
    09/07/2011 - 1pm
    10/07/2011 - 2pm
    11/07/2011 - REST DAY
    12/07/2011 - 1pm
    13/07/2011 - 1pm
    14/07/2011 - 11:15am

  • Tour de France Hats!

    Posted 21.06.2011 in

    Tour de France Hats! Tour de France Hats!

    We've had these brilliant hats designed to celebrate the Tour de France.

    The hats are £10 and available in the cafe or online at

  • Criterium du Dauphiné Libéré

    Posted 03.06.2011 in

    Criterium du Dauphiné Libéré Criterium du Dauphiné Libéré

    We'll be showing the race daily on the big screen.
    Sunday - 1:15pm
    Monday - 2:30pm
    Tuesday - 3:30pm
    Wednesday - 3:30pm
    Thursday - 3pm
    Friday - 2:30pm
    Saturday - 3:15pm
    Sunday 12th - 2:30pm

  • Giro d’Italia 2011

    Posted 29.04.2011 in

    Giro d’Italia 2011

    It's the Giro! and we're going pink. We've got loads of stuff going on for the Giro. We will of course be screening all of the racing live on the screen during the day and replaying the highlights in the evening. We'll have a selection of very nice Italian bikes on show around the cafe, an exhibition of Giro inspired work by Jeff Parr inside the cafe and Rouleur Giro prints on display in the yard. We also have the launch of John Foot's book 'Pedalare' - a history of Italian cycling happening on the 5th. Check out the calendar for full details of all events.

  • FREE BEER! Find yourself in this photo and claim a beer at LMNH.

    Posted 01.03.2011 in

    FREE BEER! Find yourself in this photo and claim a beer at LMNH.

    Click here to see it full size and check out some of the racing we'll be showing on the screen

  • Film screening “The Test Ride”  7pm Wed 23rd February

    Posted 17.02.2011 in

    Film screening “The Test Ride”  7pm Wed 23rd February

    7pm Wed 23rd February
    Two tragically single 24-year-olds cycle across Morocco in a quest to learn about marriage and relationships. This 30-minute film is a pilot episode for George and Tom's documentary adventure to Cape Town (via Southern Russia) in 2011.

  • Rollapaluza London Winter League Finale

    Posted 01.02.2011 in

    Rollapaluza London Winter League Finale

    Tue, 15 February, 18:00 – 23:00

    It's a fiver to race or spectate.. Last event of the popular winter league, newcomers to Rollapaluza always welcome. Prizes from Condor Cycles!

  • The Ride journal issue 5 launch

    Posted 12.01.2011 in

    The Ride journal issue 5 launch

    Thursday 27th January. The Ride is wicked and so was their last party here. BEER, BIKES and not just BLOKES.

  • Knitting SOS Sunday 9th 11am

    Posted 04.01.2011 in

    Knitting SOS Sunday 9th 11am

    We love knitters and we are proud to host Aneeta Patel's drop-in knitting workshops.

    Sunday 9th January 2011, 11am-1pm and every second Sunday of the month.

    Knitting SOS - the REAL Fourth Emergency Service!
    "I created Knitting SOS in 2005 as a free service for knitters in need of emergency advice. I feel strongly that sometimes a knitter will need a bit of advice to keep them going and I was keen to provide this as a free service rather than have knitters get 'stuck' and stop knitting for want of a little boost... so take advantage of over 30 years of knitting experience!"

    Knitting SOS hotline: 07940 850 458
    Knitting SOS email:
    Knitting SOS monthly workshop: details below

  • Christmas opening hours

    Posted 19.12.2010 in

    We will be closing late afternoon on Christmas eve and re-opening on the 2nd of January. We hope you all have a great Christmas and New year.

  • Bright Times returns

    Posted 15.11.2010 in

    Bright Times returns

    Bright times is back. Bigger and brighter. Saturday 11th December

  • We support the Save the Velodrome campaign

    Posted 30.09.2010 in

    We support the Save the Velodrome campaign

  • Yarn and Steel 2010

    Posted 15.09.2010 in

    Yarn and Steel 2010

    'yarn & steel 2010' Tom Pande
    [ vintage knitted jersey knitted around a Dawes : milkrace . ]
    knitted by Maree Elizabeth Dawson : knitwear designer.

    'velografik' studio . . . Its a studio set up to create & celebrate art + design ideas inspired by the 'velo' amongst the London bike community.

    I am a South London based Designer and Cycling enthusiast. Tom (pande.t [at]

  • The Vuelta Live Daily on the screen

    Posted 31.08.2010 in

    The Vuelta Live Daily on the screen

    The Vuelta is live on the big screen and repeated at 7pm everyday

  • Blue caps back in stock

    Posted 31.07.2010 in

    Blue caps back in stock

    Managed to get a fresh batch over from Italy before they all go on their Holidays for August. We can send these out too if you're unable to come in and pick up.

  • The Tour is here

    Posted 04.06.2010 in

    We're all wetting ourselves with excitement at the moment. The Tour arrives tomorrow and there's loads going on. Here's some of the stuff that's happening over the next few weeks:

    The Tour on the BIG screen
    It starts this Saturday and we will be showing all The Tour coverage live without exception. We'll also be repeating the highlights later in the day so that you can come and catch them after work with friends and a beer.

    Prologue Sizzle in the yard - this Saturday, 3rd
    Northfield farm make brilliant organic sausages. They're making a special Tour De France sausage just for us. We'll be serving these up on Saturday afternoon to celebrate the start of the tour.

    The Bike Jumble - this Sunday, 4th
    The bike jumble is now on the first Sunday of every month at 11am. It's free to sell and there's no need to book. We will of course be showing Stage 1 of the tour live too.

    Condor & Mavic Raffle draw – Sunday, 11th
    We will be hosting the raffle draw on the 11th July. There are some brilliant prizes. Tickets on sale at Condor early next week.

    Bastille day – Wednesday, 14th
    Free stuff for beret wearing people, home cooked Cassoulet, French beer and Belleville Rendez-Vous on the screen in the evening.

    Film Night – Wednesday, 21st
    We like film nights. It will be something special and tour related with popcorn and 4 Slags for a tenner (our house beer).