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The Classics Kit

Last year Jimmy (pictured) designed our Lion of Flanders cap, we were so pleased with it that we asked him to develop a full kit. The brief was to be bold and lairy, he's delivered!

The design has oversized LMNH logos in yellow and black, with harlequin and lion paw sleeves and leg grippers.

Jimmy kindly offered to model the kit for us. We asked him a few questions while we papped him:

Tell us more about the influences behind the new kit design...
I've always loved cycling kit, it's one of the things that attracted me to the sport as a kid in the late 80s (familiar story). That period of bold patterns like La Vie Claire and early forays into neon with ADR had a lasting impact I think. This design actually came off the back of the cap I designed for the 2014 classics. It took a while to refine - I find kit design super hard actually - and there's loads of great stuff already out there from Rapha to MASH so I'm conscious that I don't want to compete with them. It was about doing something different that reflected the personality of LMNH. The cafe is a place I love and have made great friends there. That personality and vibe is a huge part of it so the kit had to be cool, but also fun. I think it reflects the vision Sam and I had when we originally kicked the idea around. 

Who's going to win the Paris-Roubaix on Sunday?
Too hard to pick a winner... I really want Wiggins to win just to annoy people. Failing that, and as unlikely as it is, I'd like to see a podium for Matti Breschel as he's a dude. 

Why are overshoes cool?
Overshoes just look FAST. And super pro. I'll wear overshoes for the majority of the year and not just because I get cold feet. It's probably another freeze-frame adolescent memory, but the overshoe seems to blend man and machine more than a cycling shoe does (visually). Like Italian futurism... to sound like a proper art school ponce. 

Our new gear is currently only available as a full kit, and the first orders will get free overshoes while stocks last!

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