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Diversity In Cycling

Diversity In Cycling was conceived as a collaborative grass roots project to better understand the lack of black and Asian diversity in cycling and particularly in cycling clubs. The project grew through word of mouth, eventually attracting the attention of governing body British Cycling who helped distribute the report to its members and more broadly. We provided the launch event to a pack audience of cyclists of all backgrounds back in June 2019. Please Read, Share and Act on the Diversity in Cycling report.

It's over year since, and in the wake of the death of George Floyd and the resurgent #BlackLivesMatter movement, the lack of diversity in cycling has come into sharp focus. The report has been shared far more so than when it was first published. The core themes it identifies and the recommendations made apply not only to cycling clubs but anyone in cycling including bike shops, brands and the media. Those themes are just as relevant now.

The report was not commissioned or paid for by British Cycling. They had no influence of its contents, but they were supportive. The entire project was put together by amateur cyclists with zero budget.  

The report is freely available to any cycling organisation that wishes to distribute it provided that it is done so in its entirely, i.e. the full PDF, and that the report’s website, Twitter and Instagram addresses are promoted on the organisations’ website and social media channels.  It is also important that the organisation is demonstrably committed to improving diversity and inclusion. 

We at LMNH! are trying our best to push for change whenever and wherever we can, but we should and we will do better. Please read, share and act on the information in the Diversity in Cycling report.

Please Read, Share and Act on the Diversity in Cycling report: http://diversityincycling.com/uploads/1/2/0/9/120949441/diversity_in_cycling.pdf

Diversity In Cycling - website

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