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Lmnh & The Coefficient of Drag

We're teaming up with The Coefficient of Drag (T.C.O.D.) for Le Tour to share daily screengrabs and a fun #TDF competition. 

"The Coefficient of Drag (T.C.O.D.) is the number one source for low quality cycling coverage."

Created by designer / cyclist Steve Hocket, T.C.O.D is a magazine / thing about riding bikes and watching Eurosport. 

Daily screengrabs 

Every stage of Le Tour we're sharing the funniest eurosports screengrabs (like the picture below), and for Stages 10 - 15, T.C.O.D will share REAL LIFE coverage on our instagram page @1ookmumnohands 

Competition Time! 

Throughout Le Tour we're running a screengrab contest! Send us your funny / silly / amusing screengrabs for us to repost and the best ones of the Tour will win a #Lmnh #TDF bundle:
TDF Cycling Cap, KOM Cycling Cap, Regarde T-shirt, Podium Pants and a TDF Mug Trio and some goodies from T.C.O.D. 



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Tune in for T.C.O.D. LIVE on Sunday 29th July, live stream coverage of Stage 21 with Steve and Iwan (plus special guests) commentating on the final stage of the race. 

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