Look mum no hands!

New! Lug the Dog Range!

From the mind of Bob Motown, dog lovers unite! Say hello to our new Lug the Spanneriel range feat a cycling cap, face mask and set of enamel pins! Woof!

Lug the Dog Cycling Cap

Move over Pizza Cat, meet Lug the Spanneriel! Our cheeky workshop dog, eager to go for a walk and play fetch. Flip the peak down to get to work, flip the peak up to finish. Our favourite bit is our logo at the back… you could say this cap is the Dog’s B*llocks.

£14.00. Read more and buy now!

Lug the Dog Face Mask 

Our cheeky workshop dog Face Mask is ready and waiting to hand you a trusty Lmnh spanner. Please note it is not a medical grade mask and does not support filters.

£8.00. Read more and buy now!

Enamel Pins! 

Say hello to Bruser the Bulldog and Lug the Spanneriel enamel pins. They're both 3cm x 2.5cm and ready to stick to your t-shirt, cap, bag, whatever you choose!

£4.50 each. Read more and buy now! 

Caps and masks are shipping from January 2021. Pins from the 14th December.

We couldn’t wait to share new items with you, let the dogs out! 

Nick Higgins - Exhibition

Nick Higgins is a London based illustrator. View his collection of cycling illustrations at 49 Old St. during November 2017.

07:00 › 22:00